Services - Natural Products - Strategic Advice
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At NP-SA we pride ourselves on offering a full-scale service, tailored to your needs:


  • Strategic marketing
  • Advice on market distribution
  • Market size and growth analysis
  • Market assessment
  • Registration of natural and dietary supplements for companies throughout South Africa and the Continent
  • Advice on marketing and development of cosmeceuticals
  • Marketing strategy according to rules and registration once a product is registered
  • Coaching


Aside from the traditional registration of dietary supplements, NP-SA also offers a specialised service which concentrates on the registration and marketing of a new category of functional foods – also known as nutraceuticals.


What are nutraceuticals?


This new supplement category, comprised of naturally-derived, nutrient-rich ingredients sourced from plants and other food sources is defined as a food or part of a food that provides medicinal or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of a particular disease.


They are therefore known as medically ‘active’ supplements.


The role of human nutrition in disease prevention and treatment is an extremely pertinent topic on a global scale. We believe the nutraceutical industry is one that is set for exponential growth and are proud to offer this specialised nutraceutical registration service to our clients.


PharmaReg is a well-established company and industry expert, with over 20 years’ fist-hand experience of the regulatory and marketing processes within South African and international markets.


With the help of PharmaReg and NP-SA, our clients have access to a one-stop-shop portal of information and guidance throughout the complex process of product registration.

Our Associate Partner

As an associate partner, Randy Dennin offers a full spectrum of services and knowledge on navigating the protocols of natural product legislation and marketing. As the President of Randy Dennin and Associates LLC, he is well-known as a leader in market development for dietary supplements on an international level.


Career hallmarks


  • Vice President of Global Business Development and Dietary Supplements at Pfizer
  • Founding Chairman of the Natural Products Association of China
  • Headed up the National Nutritional Foods Association of Japan
  • Founding Chairman of the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations
  • Has served four terms on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Natural Products Association
  • Served as Chairman for independent organisation, the Natural Products Foundation
  • His work has gained international recognition as a pioneer in the study of natural healing