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Forget about masquerading supplements, enter fresh fish in a bag!

Forget about masquerading supplements, enter fresh fish in a bag!

It’s either complete genius or set up for disaster, but the latest craze of sashimi supplements is taking Asia by storm.

Fitness and health fanatics now have instant access to the protein supplement fix they’re looking for – but it’s not in the form of a pill or powder, but rather, fresh fish in a packet.

Sound like a good idea? Well, the youth of Japan and other Asian countries are lapping it up, and soon, the rest of the world could be jumping on the bandwagon…

The Kaisho Group

Shizouka-based wholesaler of fresh, frozen and cured fish are the business minds behind the idea who have developed three key sashimi supplements: tuna, prawn and salmon sashimi bags. And yes, they are marketed as supplements due to their incredibly high nutritional value and high protein, vitamin B12 and B6 components.

Believe it or not, these sashimi supplements are sold in the nutrition section of most pharmacies and convenience stores throughout Japan and are flying off the shelves.

‘Ari No Manma’

The concept behind sashimi in a bag is based on the principle of ‘ari no manma’, which simply means ‘just the way it is’, with the Kaisho Group looking to promote supplemental health at face value, for exactly what it is. Each four-gram sashimi package is clearly labelled with its nutritional value, being protein (red), vitamin B12 (yellow) or vitamin B6 (orange). This way, consumers can swiftly select their desired supplement and know that they are getting exactly what the packaging says.

Too fresh to flop?

No doubt, a common question playing on the average consumer’s mind is how fresh can fish in a packet really be?

The good news is that these sashimi supplements are sold as frozen packages to pharmacies and convenience stores who then sell them on to customers as frozen supplements. Each package must then be thawed in the fridge at home and consumed as soon as possible after thawing. Consumers are also provided with a small plastic fork and a small sachet of soy sauce with each package so they can eat on-the-go and don’t have to worry about fishy smelling hands!

Boosting the consumption of fresh fish and nutrients

So, what is the main end-goal behind this unconventional way of marketing supplements? The Kaisho Group have recognised a decline in the overall consumption of fresh food throughout Japan and other Asian countries, most especially fresh fish. This is mostly attributed to the Westernisation of their culture, and in many aspects, the Westernised food much of the youth have gravitated towards today. It turns out, burgers and pasta have taken the place of traditional fare, such as sashimi.

As such, the company hopes to bring back fresh fish, which is packed with important nutritional value, as a modern and convenient food.

“Our staff are relatively young. Over half of them are in their twenties and know very well what young consumers need’’ – Masahiko Yamamoto, head of Foreign Business at Kaisho Group.

Marketed towards busy, on-the-go professionals, fitness fanatics and health enthusiasts, the Japanese media has introduced the Kaisho Group’s product as a first of its kind in selling raw fish supplements throughout Asia.

Future endeavours of the wholesale seafood company see them adding more to their sashimi supplement range, including the likes of eel, squid and octopus.

What do you think of the idea of raw fish in a packet for an on-the-go snack during the day? If you’re a fan of sushi or sashimi, is this really any different to purchasing a container of sashimi from your local sushi restaurant or grocery store? The packaging may be different, but the sentiment is the same. At least consumers know for sure that these supplements are not masquerading as anything else except for protein, vitamin B-12 and vitamin B6, which in truth, is the most important thing about selling supplements!

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